Ticketed Evening Concert Featuring
The Flying Eagle All Star Band:
Cochise Anderson, Gordon Lee, Chris Hills, John Gross, JB Butler, Al Criado

Plus Delbert Anderson Trio, Tara Buzash, Ed Edmo, Foster Kalama, Mexica Tiahui, Rachael Chee, Felix Chuma, Tony Garcia, Lynx Lovelle, Luciana Proano, Martin Zarzar
Parkrose HS dancers and musicians

The Northwest Indian Veterans Association (NIVA) Color Guard
The Artists

Toma Villa was born in Oklahoma. Raised in Portland and is a registered member of Yakama Nation. He is a student at Portland State University and is working towards a BFA in Art Practices. Toma is continually sharpening his artistic talent that began at a young age. Drawing inspiration from his culture and heritage, art has transformed his sense of identity. With a passion for mediums in airbrushing, printmaking, sculpture and iron casting, Toma is truly an artist that connects with each piece he produces.

This body of work is inspired by his passion for the river and his fisherman experience on the Columbia River.

His abilities in art range from graffiti art, iron casting, painting, airbrushing, printmaking, sculpture and design. The roots of his art have always been graffiti art. He gets a lot of his inspiration from various places, from cities he has traveled to and paintings he has seen such as Salvador Dali’s work in a museum or Saber’s murals on the streets. He also uses his life experiences as a fisherman and has encapsulated his work in some of his art.

He believes the world is so big yet so small and wishes to see it all.
I feel that you can never dream too big and always look forward to the future. Some thing’s may seem impossible, but if you make a plan in life you will succeed.

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La Tierra Jewelry
I am Navajo and Tarahumara. My medium is stone and metal and I create original, hand-crafted, wearable art pieces. I cut my the gem stones I use in my jewelry and never use anything unnatural or color-enhanced. My work as a stone-cutter, metal smith, and artist reflects my connection to Mother Earth.