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Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival Vendor Application

Spaces are assigned. Please do not show up without contacting the vendor coordinator first!

To secure a space at the festival, or for questions about having a booth, please contact Rebekah Wanke 503-255-7218 rwanke100@comcast.net

The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 applies. No secondhand or costume jewelry, videos, or carnival-like products are allowed at this event and no sacred items may be sold. Vendor coordinators reserve the right to deny applications that do not align with the goals of this festival or violate the terms of this application, as well as to remove any offensive items.

This is a community building event! Businesses located in Parkrose are invited to apply!

All vendors (including non-profts) will need to fill out an application to have a space at the festival. All spaces will be assigned by the vendor coordinator.

This is an outdoor event. Vendors must bring their own tent/canopy, table and chairs. All tents/canopies must be weighted down and secured. The site could be windy. We are close to the Columbia River and the Columbia Gorge. We are two miles from Portland International Airport (PDX)

Download vendor application here

In keeping with our mission of improving access to music education and celebrating the legacy of Jim Pepper, we have produced 33 educational and performance videos over the past three years, all at no expense to the artists, and there is much more still in post-production. All of these videos are in the Portland Community Media (pcmtv.org) system as well as permanently up on the Web on our YouTube channel, on Facebook and other social media. Total programming: 9 hours: 53 mins: 22 secs
Jim PepperFest 2013

Rakalam Bob Moses interview: About Jim Pepper: 25:54

Cosmic Daddy Dancer: 9:44
The Free Spirits (Reunion)

Ko-Na Foster Kalama – Honor Song: 21:58

Turquoise Pride Drum at Jim PepperFest: 11:58

Nelson Salazar - Churango Virtuoso at Jim PepperFest: 16:27

Welcome and the Martin Zarzar Band: 22:41

Keith Secola and Friends – Hey Yah and Open the Door: 10:42

Keith Secola - Wild Javelinas at Jim PepperFest:  9:33

Keith Secola "Life (Yes)" at Jim PepperFest: 7:30

Swil Kanim and Fiona Lynx Lovell Improvisation: 15:03

Swil Kanim: The Honor of All: 17:35

The Free Spirits reunion at Circa 33 - Witchi Tai To: 12:41

Tony Garcia and Swil Kanim perform Long Way to Go: 15:19

Quilt Man and the NW Indian Veterans Association (NIVA): 7:12

Larry Coryell and Keith Secola – After Jim PepperFest: 1:35

Jim PepperFest 2014

Groove Warrior - Totah - The Delbert Anderson Trio: 14:00

Ni'Chee Dance Company - Deep Connections: 16:56

Remembering Jim Pepper: 15:47
Interview: Luciana Proano and J.B. Butler


Jim PepperFest 2015

Northwest Indian Veteran Association (NIVA) posts the colors: 12:44
Four Directions drum

James Greeley, Honor Song for John Talley: 14:59

Round Dance and Women's Warrior Song: 26:23
Sweetwater Nannauck, President, Idle No More Washington

The Pepperization of Music: 11:35
Avotcja Jiltinilro & The Delbert Anderson Trio

We Were There: 11:16
Avotcja Jiltinilro & the Delbert Anderson Trio

In Remembrance Videos

Senate Concurrent Resolution 31: 23:47
Oregon Senate honors Jim Pepper - 2005

The National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) celebrated the gift of Jim Pepper's tenor saxophone and other memorabilia to its permanent collection by the family of Jim Pepper in 2007.

Welcoming ceremony, Honor Song by Yellowhammer: 22:45
2007 Jim Pepper Remembrance, NMAI, pt 1

Remembrance and Comin' and Goin': 19:43
2007 Jim Pepper Remembrance, NMAI, pt 2

Lakota Song and Water: 24:55
2007 Jim Pepper Remembrance, NMAI, pt 3

Live Performances

Funny Glasses and a Moustache: 13:52
Mal Waldron Quartet, Austria, 1989

Legacy of the Flying Eagle - Jim Pepper: 3:49
with Amina Claudine Myers Trio, Raab, Austria, 1991

Jim Pepper - Remembering the Flying Eagle: 17:39
with Amina Claudine Myers Trio, Raab, Austria, 1991

Jim Pepper's Powwow: 49:01
1985 Willisau Jazz Festival set 1

Jim Pepper's Powwow: 1:10:06
1985 Willisau Jazz Festival, Set 2

Jim Pepper's Powwow – Here Come the Indians: 18:04
1985 Willisau Jazz Festival - Encore

Total programming: 9 hours: 53 mins :22 secs

Here Come the Indians
Jim Pepper's Powwow performed "Here Come the Indians" in 1985 at the Willisau Jazz Festival in Switzerland for their encore. This video is dedicated to the late John Trudell, Jesse Ed Davis, Don Cherry, Link Wray, Floyd Red Crow Westerman and Jim Pepper.

Jesse Ed Davis (Comanche/Kiowa) 1944 -1988
Jim Pepper (Kaw/Creek) 1941 - 1992
Don Cherry (Choctaw/African American) 1936 – 1995
Link Wray (Shawnee) 1929 - 2005
Floyd Red Crow Westerman (Sioux) 1936 - 2007
John Trudell (Santee Sioux) 1946 - 2015

Here Come the Indians

Native Arts Fest returns to Parkrose
Read this, and know why this annual music and arts festival is rooted in Parkrose
The Pepperization of Music
The 3rd Annual Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival, We Are All Related, was held on September 26, 2015
Jim PepperFest is an annual free-admission, family-friendly, community-building celebration of Jim Pepper’s legacy that takes place on the last Saturday of September at Parkrose High School, in the neighborhood where Jim grew up. We recorded the day with five HD cameras as well as those supplied by Audioglobe.com for live streaming, and have begun post-production work on the series of videos that will result from the event.

First up is The Pepperization of Music (add that word to your dictionary), featuring Avotcja Jiltinilro’s spoken-word tribute to Jim Pepper, backed by the Delbert Anderson Trio.

The Pepperization of Music
Avotcja was recognized in 2014 as a Jazz Hero by the Bay Area Jazz Journalists’ Association, and by the City of Berkeley, California, for Lifetime Achievement in Poetry and a day was celebrated in her name.

The Delbert Anderson Trio, headquartered in Farmington, New Mexico, returned to Jim PepperFest for the second year.

Support the Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival
Help us continue to celebrate Jim Pepper’s legacy, keeping Jim PepperFest a free event, so no one is excluded for lack of funds. We are about $ 3,200.00 short of meeting our expenses for the day. Your contribution in any amount is tax deductible.
Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival Vendor Application
As part of a larger Native art and music festival in the name of Jim Pepper (Kaw, Creek) this event provides a forum for Native people of the Americas to display and sell their authentically-made Native creations, both traditional and contemporary. The Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990 applies. No secondhand or costume jewelry, videos or carnival-like products are allowed at this event and no sacred items may be sold. Vendor Coordinators reserve the right to deny applications that do not align with the goals of this festival or violate the terms of this application, as well as to remove any offensive items.
Artists and vendors wishing to participate may contact organizers by email at music@jimpepperfest.net.
Download Vendor application, here.
KBOO 90.7FM will stream Jim PepperFest 2015
KBOO 90.7FM, full-strength community-supported radio, and Jim Pepper have had a love – love relationship since the early days for both.

We will explore that KBOO-Pepper relationship in depth on Saturday, September 26, including the story behind the poster below, as KBOO will live-stream the 3rd Annual Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival from our awesome new site on the Parkrose High School West Athletic Fields....

There will be great views of the mountains, dancing on the grass and fry bread all day….

Check out what John Trudell has to say about KBOO:

2015 Headliner for JimPepperFest

Four-time Native American Music Awards winner Jan Michael Looking Wolf (Kalapuya) is an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde

The Native American Music Awards has recognized Jan Michael Looking Wolf as Artist of the Year, Flutist of the Year, and for Best Record and Best Music Video

“Jan Michael's life way and musical expressions are based on the tradition of One Heart. In short, it is a truth that we are equal regardless of the color of our skin, tribal affiliation, language we speak, income, gender, faith, nationality or personal beliefs. One Heart is the recognition of Unity through Diversity. His music carries a message of hope for oneness of humanity. "

Jan Michael Looking Wolf, vocals, flutes
Nathan Myers - guitars
George Robnett - percussion

Jan Michael Looking Wolf
Sweetwater Nannauck
Sweetwater Nannauck (Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian),
Director of Idle No More Washington Photo by JC Epong 2012

Idle No More Washington at Jim PepperFest 2015
Sweetwater Nannauck (Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian), Director of Idle No More Washington, will speak at the 2015 Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival.

Sweetwater is an Idle No More activist that advocates for the protection of the fragile environment of the Northwest Coast, for tribal sovereignty rights, and the traditional way of life of Native people. She is a long-time community organizer, advocate for police accountability, and for Native artist’s rights.

November 10, 2014 was the second anniversary of Idle No More, and since then she has organized over 50 Idle No More Washington events and peaceful nonviolent direct actions that address local and global issues.

These actions include rallies, marches, call-in campaigns, on-line petitions, teach-ins, blockades, Idle No More workshops, creative tactic workshops for Native youth, light brigades, presentations, action camp, town-hall meetings, flash mobs and round dances.

The Delbert Anderson Trio The Delbert Anderson Trio set to perform Jim PepperFest 2015
Formed by award winning jazz trumpeter player Delbert Anderson - The Delbert Anderson Trio is composed of Delbert Anderson on Trumpet, Nicholas Lucero on Drums and Mike McCluhan on bass.

The DAT is well known in the Four Corner's area as being one of the tightest, fiery, funky and most exciting instrumental groups to hit the Southwest Scene.

With a repertoire that spans such composers as TS Monk to Chick Corea to Herbie Hancock as well as many of Delbert's original tunes - The DAT is bringing it's combined decades of experience and influences to the stage and wrapping it all in a jazz/funk package that's sure to entertain.

Currently embarking on a clinic and educational based tour - The DAT is fired up and ready to play! Visit their website click here.
The Center for a Sustainable Today

Jim PepperFest and The Center for a Sustainable Today announce strategic partnership
The Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival board of directors is very pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership with The Center for a Sustainable Today. The Center for a Sustainable Today will serve as the Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival’s 501c3 fiscal sponsor.

“The Center for a Sustainable Today is a socially motivated 501c(3) non-profit organization that fosters sustainability through events, projects, and programs that promote sustainability.” –CST mission statement

Among its major programs, CST produces Sustainable Today, broadcast in the Portland Metro via Portland Community Media (PCMTV), and the Green Neighborhoods Project, “an integrated strategy to restore habitat, enhance ecosystem services, and create vibrant communities in Portland, Oregon.”

Jim Pepper remembered Tuesday June 16 on KPOO 89.5 FM, San Francisco
Our friends at KPOO are featuring Jim Pepper on For the People, hosted by Safi wa Nairobi: For the People 4-6 p.m. June 16, 2015
www.kpoo.com Representatives of The San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce (www.sfaacc.org), and The Rafiki Coalition for Health and Wellness (http://rafikicoalition.org), join us in-studio to discuss important upcoming events. 

We remember Ornette Coleman and Mr. Leroy King, who both checked out last week.  The afternoon concludes with a tribute to Jim Pepper, Including a wicked rendition of Blues for Jim, featuring 11-year old guitarist Mateo from the Bay View District of San Francisco. The tribute Remembering Flying Eagle was recorded 22 March, 2015, at San Francisco’s La Brava Theatre Centre (http://brava.org).

By the way, “Jim Pepper (Kaw/Creek) grew up in Parkrose and attended Parkrose schools. His Kaw Indian name Hunga-che-ada translates to Flying Eagle. He became a tenor and soprano saxophone player, composer and bandleader of international significance, creating a unique, innovative body of work that continues to inspire and influence musicians across the United States and Europe. His tenor saxophone is in the permanent collection of the National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution, and among his many honors are his induction into the Native American Music Awards Hall of Fame and the Oregon Music Hall of Fame.” –from HCR 8, Oregon House Resolution honoring Jim Pepper

Goodshield Aguilar and the Buffalo Field Campaign to celebrate Jim Pepper's birthday at the Bison Coffee House on June 18

Good Shield Aguilar is a Turtle Island Native of Oglala Lakota and Pasqua Yaqui heritage. From a young age, art and music had always played a major role in his observations and expressions of the world around him. Cultural identity was always important too, having grown up in California, far from his regional ancestral lands. He has successfully faced the challenge of keeping strong cultural ties.
Music and activism has taken him all over Turtle Island (and Europe), introducing him to the beauty and diversity of the many nations across this land and beyond and also the struggles and plights continuing today, from sacred site desecration, to revoked water rights, to contamination of the environment, and the slaughtering of buffalo and wolves.

By his mid 20′s, Good Shield had devoted his music and energy to speaking up for the Last Wild Herd of Buffalo left in Yellowstone, MT and the salmon on the Klamath River where he lives in Northern California. Music had become a way to bring awareness and consciousness rather than just entertainment.

Good Shield’s styles range from traditional drumming and singing, to acoustic melodies with spoken word, to funky dance grooves to hard rock. He is a multi-instrumentalist, playing drums, guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, piano, and flute. He is best known for his solo acoustic performances, strumming an acoustic guitar while pounding on a bass drum with his foot and belting out Indigenous chants, singing, and spoken word. At other times, one might catch him playing with a full band called, 7th GENERATION RISE, comprised of other, like minded Indigenous friends/fellow musicians.
Goodshield Aguilar
When Good Shield isn’t traveling with music or isn’t up in Yellowstone with the Buffalo Field Campaign, he is a “green builder”, building eco-friendly strawbale homes and structures, enjoying nature, as he is a lover of the outdoors and is a blessed father of three beautiful young warriors

NativeVoiceTV Good Shield Aguilar Lakota/Yaqui musician
Native Voice TV Host Cihuapilli Rose Amador has Good Shield Aguilar as her guest. The Lakota/Yaqui musician plays some of his latest music for this show.
Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival at the Bison Coffee House
Bison Coffee House

We're gonna celebrate Jim Pepper's birthday at the Bison Coffee House on June 18, all day. The Bison Coffeehouse is Native-owned and operated, located at 3941 NE Cully Blvd in Portland. Awesome program TBA. Rare Jim Pepper recordings. Come early...Bison opens at 6:00 a.m...See you there.

Ni'Chee Dance Company - Deep Connections - at Jim PepperFest 2014

Rachael Kulei Nielsen Chee (Northern Shoshone), Rony Chee (Dine/Hopi) and Jacquelyn Nielsen (Northern Shoshone) perform Deep Connections at the 2014 Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival at Parkrose HS Performing Arts Center, Portland, Oregon.

Choreography by Rachael Kulei Nielsen Chee

Photos by De La Luna Photography (360) 600-6476

Video Camera by Barry Heidt, GeoSpirit.tv

 Video Editing by Sean Aaron Cruz, 1000 Nations

peppers powwow

Pepper’s Powwow Sandra Osawa’s award-winning documentary on the life and music of Jim Pepper (Kaw/Creek) 1941-1992 and video highlights of Jim PepperFest 2013

“A captivating look at the life of Native American jazz saxophone pioneer Jim Pepper, the first musician to fuse Native American music with jazz. The documentary soars with diverse musical highlights, including Pepper’s grandfather’s recording of the peyote chant “Witchi Tai To,” which Pepper developed into a crossover hit on both the jazz and Top 40 charts.

Pepper’s life and music harmonized two distinct cultures, and serve as a poetic example for all indigenous people, ‘walking in two worlds with one spirit.’” --The Independent Television Service (ITVS)

Pepper’s Powwow - Sandra Osawa’s award-winning documentary on the life and music of Jim Pepper (Kaw/Creek) 1941-1992 and video highlights of Jim PepperFest 2013

“A captivating look at the life of Native American jazz saxophone pioneer Jim Pepper, the first musician to fuse Native American music with jazz. The documentary soars with diverse musical highlights, including Pepper’s grandfather’s recording of the peyote chant “Witchi Tai To,” which Pepper developed into a crossover hit on both the jazz and Top 40 charts. Pepper’s life and music harmonized two distinct cultures, and serve as a poetic example for all indigenous people, ‘walking in two worlds with one spirit.’” --The Independent Television Service (ITVS)

Mayimba Music is new 2014 Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival sponsor

Mayimba Music is an award-winning full-spectrum music company specializing in Spanish language styles. A music publisher since 1999, we also offer music licensing and publishing administration services for third party publishers and independent composers. In addition, we offer full administration services for record labels. We produce, release & distribute records, both physically & digitally. http://www.mayimbamusic.com/news

Mayimba Music

New York City-based Mayimba Music, a music publishing company with an international reach, has become the Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival’s first out-of-Oregon partner with a generous $ 2,000 contribution to support our work. Marti Cuevas, Marimba Music’s President, became a fan of Jim Pepper’s the first time she heard him, and she has contributed the story of that encounter on the Remembering Jim Page.

After spending 10 years as a working musician in Madrid, Spain, Marti Cuevas relocated to New York City in the 1980s with two small children in tow. Her dream was to play saxophone in the Big Apple, working part time to assuage the instability of a musical career. Marti landed a job with legendary music business attorney William Krasilovsky, and in 1991 was hired to administer J & N Records, where she worked while playing saxophone in the meringue scene. She founded Marimba Music in 1999.

Jim PepperFest 2014: The Rosewood Initiative Series
The Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival will produce a series of monthly events at The Rosewood Initiative, 16126 SE Stark Street in Portland, beginning the evening of April 13, 2014, 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Admission will be free to the community, donation requested. Opening the series will be a showing of Pepper’s Powwow, Sandra Osawa’s award-winning documentary about Jim Pepper.

Also on the April 13 program: Highlights of Jim PepperFest 2013, featuring the Turquoise Pride drum.

Your hosts for the evening: Luciana Proaño and Tony Garcia

For directions to The Rosewood Initiative: http://rosewoodinitiative.org/

Mark your calendars: The Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival will be back at Parkrose HS Performing Arts Center on Saturday, September 13, 2014. Schedules and artists TBA
Carmina – Song for Jim Pepper Celtic-style
Carmina is an Irish band that loves Jim Pepper. They describe themselves as “a jazz quartet married to a Celtic acoustic duo.” And they love Jim Pepper.
The band writes that “Carmina” is a latin word that means “songs” or “poems,” and that their original material “draws in elements of traditional and contemporary Celtic music, jazz, soul and rock.”

“Carmina took the Guinness Festival Club by storm with a superb mix of jazz, folk and Celtic crossover music – taking the audience on a bewitching journey full of melodic grace and inventiveness – a brilliant band superbly fronted by vocalist Pippa Marland and guitarist Rob King.” –Jack McGouran, Artistic Director, Guinness Jazz Festival, Cork

Someone from the band contacted me in 2010, after word that I was organizing a festival in Jim Pepper’s name in Portland, Oregon reached Ireland, and we talked for awhile. They had seen Jim Pepper perform in a London club just one time a lot of years ago, and the experience had set their careers on a new path.

That was happening all over Europe, wherever Jim Pepper appeared, he was moving people…songs from time immemorial…a saxophone player like no one else…bridging cultures and continents…. You only had to hear Jim once to know he was a special cat, that his music had its own place in the Great Story, making you feel glad….

Carmina has a lot of stories to tell about how Jim Pepper made a difference then and now. We talked about how maybe someday Jim PepperFest would hook up when Carmina is on a US tour, or maybe when we take Jim PepperFest to Europe, following Jim’s path….

Carmina performed this song dedicated to Jim Pepper at the Bath Folk Festival, June 6, 2013, based on Witchi Tai To:

Carmina: Song for Jim Pepper

And the band’s website: http://www.carmina.co.uk/
Jim PepperFest update: August 5, 2013
About Jim Pepper on Organic Nation Listening Club – Blog Talk Radio Hosted by David Ornette Cherry ~ Join Host David Ornette Cherry Tuesday night August 6th, 2013. 9 PM PST (12 AM EST) when he will interview Sean Aaron Cruz about the great Native American saxophonist Jim Pepper.

Sean Aaron Cruz is Executive Director of 1000 Nations, a public policy researcher and editor, and the organizer of the Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival. Jim PepperFest 2013 marks the beginning of a three-year project of the Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission to build on the legacy of the late, great Kaw/Creek musician, providing a platform for Native American artists and musicians, and improving access to band for students in the Parkrose School District, where Jim grew up.

Sean is co-author of Winona LaDuke’s new book, The Militarization of Indian Country and a co-founder of The Friends of Celilo Falls. In 2005, as Oregon State Senator Avel Louise Gordly’s chief of staff, he drafted Senate Joint Resolution 31, honoring the life and achievements of Jim Pepper. David Ornette Cherry will explore Organic Music and interact with listeners on “Organic Nation”.
David Ornette Cherry

Jim PepperFest update: August 2, 2013

American Indian Movement (AIM) Portland Oregon Chapter We are honored and very happy to announce a partnership with American Indian Movement (AIM) Portland Oregon Chapter. AIM Portland volunteers will provide public safety and security services for the Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival, August 7 – 10. For more information about the American Indian Movement: http://www.aimovement.org/
Jim PepperFest Story in Jazzscene - click here to read
A Day Too Far
The Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival Steering Committee offers its apologies to Joy Harjo, Pura Fe, Gabriel Ayala, the members of their bands, and to their fans worldwide.

Budget issues and other technical and practical issues related to creating a new 4-day festival require us to cut back and reconfigure at this late date. Travel and unforeseen technical expenses proved decisive. We very reluctantly had to cancel their appearances for this year.

We are moving forward with Jim PepperFest 2013, drawing substantially from the rich talent pool of Native American performing artists based closer to Portland. Perhaps this is what we should have done from the beginning of planning, but no vision of the Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival would be complete without Joy Harjo and Pura Fe. We wanted, and dreamed, of beginning this remembrance and celebration of Jim Pepper’s life and achievements with them.

We offer our apologies and hereby commit to building support to bring these artists to Portland, making clear the esteem with which we hold them, in the not-distant future.

On behalf of the Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival Steering Committee,
Sean Aaron Cruz, Executive Director, 1000 Nations
David Milholland, President, Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission
  Jim PepperFest 2013 update: IndiVisible
The National Museum of the American Indian’s traveling exhibit IndiVisible will make its first Portland appearance at the 1st annual Jim Pepper Native Arts Festival, August 7 – 10 and then will return to Portland through October – November for an extended run at Portland Community College’s Cascade Campus, in the heart of the City’s historically segregated African American neighborhoods.

Admission to the IndiVisible exhibit at Jim PepperFest 2013 will be free to the public, open 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Wednesday – Saturday August 7 – 10, at Parkrose HS Performing Arts Center in NE Portland.

We will be requesting donations of two items of nonperishable food for the Oregon Food Bank.

Jimi Hendrix, rock legend
“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” —Jimi Hendrix

The rock-and-roll innovator Jimi Hendrix often spoke proudly of his Cherokee grandmother. He was one of many African Americans who cite family traditions in claiming Native ancestry. Photo: Courtesy Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame
The Magic of Jim Pepper’s Witchi Tai To
Jim PepperFest update: July 14, 2013
  “The band Oregon recorded the song ‘Witchi Tai To’ nearly 40 years ago and it has become a mainstay with the band’s live shows while also serving as an anthem for the prolific group. The song holds a special significance to each member of Oregon as you will hear in this very special Jazz Online original podcast. Listen to the members of the band Oregon – Glen Moore, Paul McCandless, Mark Walker, Ralph Towner – as they discuss the magic of ‘Witchi – Tai To’.” – Jazz Online, The Voice of Jazz http://jazzonline.com/podcasts/2137.html
The band Oregon: (Photo: Oregon Music News)
Oregon bassist Glen Moore and Jim Pepper began playing music together when they were teenagers. (Photo: Prague Post)
Master drummer Ra-Kalam Bob Moses to hold master class
Update: July 11, 2013
Among the four members of the legendary, pioneering jazz-fusion band The Free Spirits coming to Portland in August to celebrate their friend and bandmate Jim Pepper is world-renowned master drummer and educator Rakalam Bob Moses.

“Drummer, composer, artist, poet, dancer, visionary, nature mystic (Rakalam) Bob Moses's life has been a continuous quest for vision, spirit, compassion, growth, and mastery in a multiplicity of art forms.”—New England Conservatory

Bob will arrive in Portland in time to conduct a master class in doing what he does (time and place and other details TBA) before taking the stage Friday and Saturday evenings August 9 & 10 for the historic reunion concert of The Free Spirits. And then he’s off to tour Australia and New Zealand.

This will give you a sense of what you don’t want to miss: